Adding Value

Through Creative Solutions


At the core of Calamar is Design-Build construction.  The Design-Build concept creates a single source responsible and accountable for all the work on your project and eliminates the headaches often associated with traditional design-bid-build methods.  By partnering with the building owner and architect in the preliminary design phase, costs are controlled and unknowns are identified upfront eliminating costly change orders to the Owner later on.

Design-Build construction can save substantial time over a traditional building schedule.  Design-Build is ideally suited to allow construction starts prior to final document completion resulting in a shorter schedule getting you into your building as soon as possible.   

Design-Build construction introduces a holistic approach to the construction process.  By aligning the interests of all parties, Design-Build construction facilitates enhanced delivery of the product on an accelerated basis. 

The advantages of Design-Build to the Owner can be summarized as follows:

  • Collaborative approach to the design and construction process results in a faster delivery than traditional methods.

  • Single source of design and construction responsibility and accountability.

  • Provides Owner with greater influence over the projects scope of work and budget, based on educated decisions relative to the projects design and cost from concept through completion.

  • Lowest overall cost of design and construction procurement.

  • Minimizes the risk of costly changes throughout construction by having design and construction issues worked out in the project's pre-construction phase.