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“Location, location, location”, says real estate agents, and they advise it for a reason. More often than not, people move into homes or lock themselves in houses that are too far from the things they need or places they value because they always look at the price tag. On certain instances, it is better to pay the price upfront than lose more of your time and money in the long run. One case where it is better to value proximity and convenience is when picking your next senior home.

Top of mind for most seniors considering moving into an independent senior community is their proximity to their family. As people age, the most important family plays a part to keep them company. It is harder for them to maintain a thriving social life with close friends closer to their age having the same mobility issues as they do, so lessening the barriers in having family and friends over would already make it worth moving into a community closer to family and friends. The situation a senior usually face is their kids—who are usually parents themselves--working long hours and not having the time to visit them after work, or even during weekends because of the responsibilities they have. Add in their family time, commitments with other friends, and exercise, their kids do have a lot on their plate and making it easier for them to visit.

Another major consideration is the accessibility of medical services from the senior community. Maintaining one's health becomes far more important in the senior years as they become more prone to injuries. Having one’s primary care provide nearby reduces the stress that arises when something unexpected happens. If one is not feeling great, it is also not advisable to travel in long periods of time so location does matter. Following up on your health concerns will be also much easier with your doctor close to your senior home. On top of them, it is highly likely that one will put off getting their symptoms or health issues checked if they are too far from their health providers. To discourage this behavior, consider your accessibility to your primary health care provider.

Everyone has hobbies and these hobbies make up majority of one’s day, especially to those of seniors whose spiritual and emotional fulfillment often come from the things they are passionate about. Therefore, it is essential to be close to amenities and places related to one’s hobbies. Having something to be busy with is not only make you physically healthy, but it gives you a sense of purpose that is usually found in people who lead happy lives. If one is an avid baker, it may be worth it for them to be closer to downtown areas where there is a thriving culinary scene. If one loves books and reading, it will be great to be close to the library and bookshops in the county. If one likes the thrill and adventure, it is worth being close to the mountains and trails like in New Hampshire. Maybe look at independent senior apartments in New Hampshire?

Sleep is a very important activity that is too often overlooked, and having good sleep only comes in quiet decongested neighborhoods. Therefore, another consideration one must take is the vibe and ambiance of the neighborhood. While proximity to important places like your health provider is important, sometimes it means being close to high traffic areas—such as the downtown are—and that gets loud in the evening. Some also consider the friendliness of the neighborhood. It does make sense; one nasty encounter on the street can spoil one’s day! People from the Midwest, such as that from Kansas are well known for hospitality, so if the vibe of the neighborhood matters to you, consider retirement communities in Kansas City, KS or senior apartments in Kansas City, MO.

Unfortunately, on most cases, seniors do not get to have everything on their wish list --- and that’s okay. According to Senior Living, 60 per cent of seniors end up moving to locations they did not originally planned because of higher priorities such as health care. It is just a matter of figuring out what your priorities are and weighing them.