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What Should I Consider When Researching A Place To Live?                       


If you're considering moving to a senior community and want to know where you should start, we suggest you make a PLAN, and consider Price, Location, Amenities, and Needs.

When considering Price, don't just look at it from the monetary sense of the term-- analyze the value of your dollar. We believe our communities are a great value because of how well the properties are maintained, the variety of activities we offer, the amenities, and our people!

When considering Location, think about how easily your family and friends can access your home, think about how close your new home is to cultural attractions, and also consider the setting of the location.  Our communities are all centrally located allowing you to have access to the outside communities, and also provide beautiful picturesque surroundings on each campus if you'd prefer to spend the day sitting outside your home, or going for a walk.

When considering Amenities, think about the reason you are making this transition in the first place-- convenience.  You want a new home with first class amenities that make your life easier, and allow you to enjoy the maintenance free lifestyle you deserve.

One of the most important factors your should consider when looking for a new home, is Needs.  We are not a nursing home or an assisted living facility, we take pride in the independence our seniors enjoy!  If you are excited about beginning your journey to independent living in a friendly community managed and maintained by a dedicated and hard working team, please contact us to schedule a tour!