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Pets As Companions For Seniors

Dogs wouldn’t be man’s best friend for no reason. The fuzzy feeling they give is significantly proven to improve both physical and mental health. If there would be a list of people who would benefit from it, senior will make up majority of that list. As one ages, one has more free time to spare and less energy to do activities that requires physical exertion, so it can get lonely unfortunately. That’s when companionship helps.


Having pets helps seniors’ mental wellbeing as they lessen the feeling of isolation seniors may face. While pets are not capable of communicating verbally the way humans do, they encourage communication and gives a sense of belongingness to its owner. In effect, it decreases any chance of having anxieties about having less friends to visit and peers to go on trips with. These mental benefits translate to a better physical wellbeing as pets can be motivators for seniors. Pets, in particular dogs, usually gets their owners to go on walks and therefore encourages them to go outside and enjoy outdoors. If you’re the kind of person that’s into that, it helps if your senior apartment is close to the trails. Among the retirement Communities near Des Moines, IA that would be perfect for such activity is Prairie View Senior Village. These daily walks for seniors can be the trigger for a new healthy habit or it may initiate a new friendship that would have not been possible if it wasn’t for their duty as pet owners. And when people gets that energy boost and they feel happy, they usually start doing the things they love. They may start a new hobby and whether it is physically engaging or not, seniors will increase their joint movement and in the process, maintain their motor or even improve their motor skills.


However, while having a pet does provide one with invaluable companionship, one also has to keep in mind that having pets comes with drawbacks. If you live in a senior residence, keep in mind that some do not allow pets. Better check with your residence about it. The Summit At Viewcrest is among the independent Senior Apartments in Kansas City, MO that allows small pets in their community. Another drawback is the additional responsibilities that come with keeping a pet. An example of would be the regular walks that dogs would require. As the common expression goes, the glass can be half empty or half full, it all depends on the person’s perspective. One person may find it motivating while the other would just groan at the thought of doing it. Aside from that, there are financial expenses associated in keeping a pet from its medical care to regular veterinary visits to its toys and food. And don’t forget grooming! If you’ve gone through these calculations and are still positive that you’d like to get a pet, the next thing to do is ask yourself these questions.


Do you love your routine to the point that you’d rather not compromise? If so, remember that having a pet may mean changing a few things about how you go about your day. If you have a schedule you opt to follow, maybe reconsider the thought of getting a pet?


What is the reason you would like to have a pet? Hopefully it’s not because you saw that your neighbor is having fun with their dog. It’s highly likely that a huge chunk of their time is also spent cleaning up after their pets. A good reason to get a pet is for emotional support. Other than that, if you have any disabilities, a trained therapy dog might be helpful in your day-to-day activities. There should be places to find such pets. Maybe try the Olathe Pet Shop if you’re in Kansas, KS. It wouldn’t be too far if you live in one of the senior apartments in Kansas.


How old and what kind of pet would be a good fit for you? Not all pups, birds, and kittens are created equal. Furthermore, a young pup and an adult dog will also have two completely different requirements so it is important to narrow down what kind and how old the pet you are going for. Young ones wouldn’t be ideal since they have a lot of energy with them and may require a higher level of physical energy from its owners. It also wouldn’t be fit if the pets live longer than its owners. However, having a pet in its senior years may also not be ideal as it may require more care than its owner can afford. Another thing to consider is the breed of the pet. Some breeds have a distinct personalities that may not sit well with its potential owner so better to do some research as every pet is unique.