Adding Value

Through Creative Solutions

Calamar Capital Services

Calamar directs, invests, partners and assists in the capitalization, investment, and financing of real estate for its own portfolio as well as its third party clients.

Calamar's resources enable us to help the client find their best and most innovative form of financing for their project.

Calamar seeks to maintain the highest level of service available to its clients by coupling public and private finances with the largest and most prestigious national finance services. Because real estate is a dynamic, constantly changing business, we assemble, direct and manage equity through our capital funds. We focus our strategy on recognizing opportunities through product and geographical diversification enabling us to be opportunistic in the real estate cycle.

Our Team

Learn about our team of experts.

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Capital Markets

Over the past two decades, the principals of Calamar have been involved with over a billion dollars in real estate transactions on behalf of institutions, family offices, and individual investors.

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Asset Management

We are always looking for opportunities
to provide the highest level of service
managing assets.

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Acquisition Criteria

Learn about our acquisition criteria.

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