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When Going Solo Doesn't Work Anymore

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So maybe your parents have been firm for the past few years that they are fully independent and can manage without any assistance, but it’s inevitable to get to the point where they will actually need assistance. The problem is that they may not be willing to tell you, so it may be up to you to notice the signs on your own.


Self-care tasks are becoming harder to do


During visits, see if it takes them longer to do some common tasks like preparing meals. It is normal as someone ages to lose a bit of their mobility, but it shouldn’t deter them from accomplishing tasks that they need to do on a day to day basis. Try to also notice their appearance. If they used to always be well dressed but they now seem to prefer more comfortable clothes with less buttons and clasps, or they now wear their pajamas to any errand, it may be a sign that they are having a hard time changing into clothes.


Some seniors start having problems taking baths on their own, so they instead reduce the amount of time they need to shower. This results in a noticeable body odour, which may ultimately be because they don’t feel safe getting in and out of the tub anymore.


Eating, a very basic task for any person, may also become an issue. Preparing meals do take up some energy so some seniors may default to just reducing their meals if it takes a lot of effort for them to do their own groceries plus prepare meals after. For those with reduced mobility, carrying bags of groceries even from just the cashier to their car is already a hard task so they may just resort to getting small items and making more trips to the grocery store. This may cause them to ration their food to reduce their errands.


If you are worried that your parents are showing this signs, there are independent Senior Apartments near Kansas City, KS that should take care of meal planning and preparation. They will also assist in bathing them and taking them to errands.


Household chores are now an afterthought


A drastic change in one’s house and yard is another sign to look out for. If they have a hard time managing their own self care routine, housekeeping will definitely not be on their lists of tasks to-do anymore. A messy or dirty home may signify that they no longer have the strength, flexibility, or even mobility to keep their own space in top shape. This is more evident for seniors who are known to be sticklers to cleanliness in their younger years.


If their sink is full of dirty dishes or you see their yard full of unraked leaves, it may be time to consider either getting an in-house caregiver that can help them do these tasks. A caregiver can encourage them to be more mobile without compromising their safety. As an example, a caregiver can help them garden and get rid of dead plants and weeds without exhausting them too much and encouraging them to take breaks if needed. A better option would be to also consider retirement communities in Ankeny, IA. These retirement homes have all the maintenance that goes with the facilities so all residents need to worry about is their own health and happiness.


If you’ve started to notice the signs, don’t ignore it right away. Consider seeking help for your loved ones. There are retirement communities in Kansas City, KS and independent senior apartments in Des Moines, IA that can be suitable for your loved ones’ needs.