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Starting The Conversation


Aging is a natural process in life, and while starting the conversation is hard, everyone goes through the same stage so it is neither embarrassing or trivial. If anything else, it is a very important topic especially if one’s parents’ health is already declining that they need assistance in their day to day routine. You may keep on putting it off at the thought that they can manage themselves and talking them into assisted living may mean not seeing them as much as you do now. However, know that you are helping them out and making their lives better in helping them transition in a new phase in their life. Below are some tips and guidelines to help you get the conversation started with your loved ones.


  1. Ask them how they envision their future and keep on talking to them


Knowing more about their preferences aside from what you currently know will help you narrow down options and even determine if assisted living or what they need is one of the many senior apartments New Hampshire, NH is the right choice for them. Talk to them casually over afternoon tea or while going for a walk. Just make sure that you bring up the conversation in a place where they feel safe and comfortable. After knowing where they stand, start subtly bringing up the idea on a regular basis. It may be best to start this while they are still very much independent. Like they say, prevention is better than cure. It’s better to be prepared before it happens.



  1. Be tactful and put yourself in their shoes


Expect a bit of resistance or withdrawal from them, and understand that this situation is hard for them as well. Give them the space to think and let them know that you will respect their wishes.


Conversations like these can easily escalate to a full blown argument so it is important to diplomatic in relaying the message. Right choice of words is key for the most part. In talking about their transition, make sure to avoid using any words that has any negative connotation associated like those that imply to them needing more assistance or aging. As an example, when you ask them if they would consider looking at senior care homes, try to change the wording a bit and say, “Would you like to go for an afternoon stroll with me, maybe look at independent senior apartments near Kansas city, MO?” Notice how we used the word “independent” and “apartments,” which are very neutral.


Furthermore, try to make senior communities sounds more appealing and highlight the positives. Mention how the senior apartments you’ve seen in Ankeny, IA have fitness centers and libraries among other things. Mention the idea of having more free time and pursuing new hobbies too! But most importantly, bring up the ideal scenario where they do not need to take care of the lawn and shovel snow in the cold.


  1.  Do your research


Before going further down the conversation, make sure you know what you’re talking about too. Know the different kinds of senior care available since the levels of care vary for each and now the financial costs associated. Among other things, the most important may be to understand what possible changes your parents will go through and try to match it with a senior community that will accommodate these changes. If you were to pick one of the many 55+ Apartments in Kansas City, KS make sure that this choice will not only fit your parents’ budget and their preferences, but also their health needs. Making an ill-informed choice will only make a bigger hassle for both you and your parents. Invest the time to think through all the options, knowing that they also spent many years nurturing you and looking after your needs. Now, it’s time you step in and take care of them as well.