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Calamar Foundation Annouced

Mon, Jan 16th 2017 01:00 pm, by sczyrny


(January 16, 2017, Wheatfield, NY)  Kenneth M.  Franasiak,  Chairman and C.E.O. of Calamar, is pleased to announce the creation of the Calamar Foundation. Calamar is a full service real estate organization comprised of construction, development, property management, asset management and finance & investment divisions that are located across the United States and Canada.

"Calamar takes pride in giving back and investing in our communities that we work and live in. This has and always will, continue to be an important part of Calamar's core ideology and values since our founding in 1990"., said Franasiak.  The philanthropic arm of Calamar is anchored by The Calamar Foundation which was launched on January 1, 2017, and is headed by Gay Molnar as President. "Calamar's roots have long included philanthropic interests throughout our local, regional and national scene. Creating this foundation came at a time when Calamar continues to grow across the U.S.", Molnar said.

The focus of the Calamar Foundation is to bring awareness and resources to specific organizations whose missions align with those of our organization, tenants & stakeholders.

About Calamar
Calamar is a full-service real estate firm comprised of construction, development, property & asset management and finance & investment divisions for commercial and large-scale residential properties in the Northeast & Midwest regions. Calamar is headquartered in Wheatfield, NY and has offices in Omaha, Nebraska, North Andover, MA. and Niagara-on-the-Lake & Toronto, Ontario.  For more information, contact Kathy Griffiths at 716.693.0006, ext. 211 or