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EquityHunt Real Estate Index Closes Q3 At Year High

Wed, Oct 22nd 2014 12:00 pm, by kgriffiths


BUFFALO, NY - October 6, 2014 -  The EquityHunt (  index closed the third quarter by reaching its highest  average Internal Rate of Return (IRR) this year.  EquityHunt is a free internet platform that connects real estate sponsors/developers with interested accredited investors.  The index uses projected IRR values from the deals the sponsors/developers post on the site, and organizes them based on asset type. 

There have been hundreds of deals posted on EquityHunt since its founding in early 2013, and there are 80 deals that are active currently. 

The index has improved from an average IRR of 15.13% at the end of the first quarter, to 15.67% at the end of the second quarter, to 18.32%  at the close of the third quarter.

Currently, the site allows sponsors/developers to choose one of the following asset types: MultiFamily, Land, Portfolio, Hotel, Industrial, Specialty Housing, Retail, Mobile Home Park, Office, & Flips/Renovations.  The EquityHunt team is pleased with the growth of the site, and the increase in activity amongst the sponsors/developers.

"What's great, is that we have seen more diversity in the deals the sponsors are offering the investors," said Steven Czyrny, Marketing Director.  "We have seen an influx of new properties being added, and by having a larger number of deals, and a more equitable split amongst asset types, we feel our index provides more information for the investors then it did previously."

The EquityHunt Index can be found on the site's Market Information section (  In addition the page also has live updates of the NAREIT Index, the Dow Jones, and the S&P 500. 

"We feel the EquityHunt Index, along with the other kinds of information we update on our Market Information section, give great insight into the investor performance of real estate," said Ken Franasiak, Co-Founder.  "As we continue to grow, we are excited to expand on our offerings to our members, and look to develop creative ways to be a great source of information for real estate investors."