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Getting Ready for Spring

Flowers start to bloom and tree start to grow their leaves back. Everything seems to be waking up once more and the sun seems to start warming up once more. It’s spring! Like every nook and cranny in nature that’s waking up, it’s time to get up and get moving like the season. There are lots of ways to do that and one great start is doing some exercises well suited for spring.



Maybe the most effortless is going outside and enjoying what nature has to offer. Winter may have already gotten you used to having the winter blues, so it’s time to shake them away breathe some fresh air. Farmers’ markets are most likely slated to start opening up soon or are already open so go for a walk and visit your local farmer’s market. It’s also another reason for family members and grandkids to visit. They surely are also just as excited as you are to see fresh produce and lively people gathering in the market on a fine Sunday morning.


Yoga is one of the best activities to wake up the body on a bright sunny morning. It’s gentle and offers a variety of options for seniors. Poses can be adjusted for each person’s needs and capabilities. There are also foam blocks and blankets that will help seniors stretch and improve both their balance and flexibility, which will be great for their joints. Furthermore, yoga can also be tailored to the motivation of the yogi--a person who practices yoga. It can be for strength, for balance, or for weight loss. It would also be a great idea to hold these classes outdoor so seniors can not only improve their practice, but they can also get some vitamin D while doing so.


While most senior communities may not offer swimming pools, most cities have recreational facilities that are open to the public where seniors can sign up for water aerobics exercises. Senior apartments in Kansas City, KS are usually designed to be situated close to basic amenities like the city’s public facilities. Water exercises are great for seniors because it is a low-impact exercises that will be great for those with arthritis. Attending water aerobics classes is a great way for seniors to improve their strength because water provides some resistance that can work one’s muscles without lifting weights. Water aerobics, like yoga, will also improve flexibility since the movement involves a significant amount of reaching. It will be great for not only your arms but also for your neck, back, legs, and shoulders. The extensive range of motions that swimming requires will definitely help those with back pains and posture problems too.


Hiking is among the top spring exercises for seniors. It is the perfect balance of nature sightseeing and physical exertion. Seniors can go at their own speed and make sure they’re enjoying the scenery while boosting their cardiovascular health. The inclines will be great to get one’s legs toned and the view helps the mind relax. What’s great is a couple of senior Apartments New Hampshire, NH are close to New Hampshire’s woods like that of Cobblestone Pointe Senior Village. Retirement communities in Ankeny, IA such as Prairie View Senior Village is also conveniently near the High Trestle trail. Seeing nature’s magic transform the fields and the hills will be a great start to one’s day. However, note that such activity may require some planning but doesn’t all the best things in life do?