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Gardening Benefits For Spring

When the days are getting longer and the weather’s getting warmer, what better thing is there to do aside from gardening? It is an activity one can consider to be holistic, as it helps nurture multiple facets of one’s well-being. Most people garden for the fresh produce, but unbeknownst to them, they are also harvesting the physical, mental and social benefits that gardening brings.


Gardening can give you a serious aerobic exercises with all the movements and switching around that helps you work on your strength and flexibility. In fact, if we can even narrow down each activity when you garden that resembles the same exercises you do in the gyms you go to. Mowing, raking, and digging can be alternatives to cable exercises that work your arms and shoulders. Gardening also involves some lifting that may be good for your back muscle and quads. Weeding by itself involves squatting that works out your bottoms. It can also be great for your back if you weed while on your hands and knees. Simply pushing that wheelbarrow to the other side of the garden, like weeding, works out your thighs. If you’re wanting to focus on your core, there’s a gardening move for that too! Turning your compost and starting a mower will do just the trick. Retirement communities in Kansas City, KS should have plots of land that are suitable for gardening, but make sure to ask any of the staff before doing so.


Aside from the physical activity gardening provides, it also improves your diet. With the abundance of fruits and vegetables, you’ll have a healthy and hearty meals for months. If you also try to can or ferment some of these fruits or vegetables, you can extend that to a year or more. Senior apartments in Ankeny, IA should give you access to kitchen facilities where you can prepare you fruits and vegetables if you plan to ferment. The USDA Food Guide My Plate Plan recommends making fruits and vegetables at least half of your meals, and it may be a good idea to follow that recommendation now that your dietary needs have changed.


While mental well-being does not easily come to mind when one talks about gardening, it is one of the reasons why most people who have started a garden keep their gardens well maintained after a year of just trying it out. Gardening is found to be a spiritual and mental healing to promote positive mindset. It has been around for quite some time that it has been aptly named “Horticultural therapy.” The small wins you get from seeing your seedlings sprout and grow is very motivating and may be all you need to smoothen a rough day. It’s similar to the same feeling you get when you see your puppy run towards you after a long day of work.


If these are not convincing enough for you, gardening is also great not just for yourself but for the community as a whole. Any excess from your harvest can be donated to local food banks that are nearby independent Senior Apartments in Kansas City, MO, or it can be a reason for get-togethers with friends and family. Food is one of the few common things that can get people together and socialize. Furthermore, you can also build a community on gardening itself. There are plenty of like-minded individuals who keep gardens or are interested in gardening, making it a great excuse to meet new people and build new friendships.