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Four outdoor activities that seniors can engage in

Nothing is better than exercising in fresh air and warm weather.  Not only can such exercise be beneficial to your body, it can also be extremely simple and exciting.  Neither do you need any equipment, nor do you have to pay any money for the same.  Whether you live in independent senior apartments in Des Moines, IA or at senior apartments in Kansas City, KS; you can have access to these activities with ease.    Here are four of the top outdoor activities that seniors can engage in:

  1. Walking: This is one of the best outdoor exercise; which is low impact and has many health benefits.  Many doctors advise seniors to walk as it can significantly alleviate the risk of diabetes and heart disease.  Apart from heart health, walking can also make your muscles stronger and improve your coordination and balance.  Depending upon your preference, you can decide to either walk alone or with friends.  Plus, it can offer a lot of variety.  You can walk at a close-by green space or at a community centre orexplore the neighborhood.  In fact, if the weather is rainy; you can head over to the mall for a walk.
  2. Bike Riding:  Here is another great way of staying active and fit.  Just like walking, bike riding is low impact and can be done at your own convenient pace.  You can go to a nearby bike trail, or in the neighborhood.  All of this can be beneficial to your flexibility and muscle strength.  Moreover, bike riding has proven  to have benefits on arthritis and other health conditions that are associated with ageing.
  3. Yoga: If you stay at retirement communities near Indianola, IA; you would have seen the yoga classes that are organized in the neighborhood parks during spring and summer.  You can participate in those or decide to do the exercise on your own.  All that Yoga needs is for you to get a mat and a good space.  This can have a calming effect on your body.  Other similar activities include Tai Chi.
  4. Running around with kids:  This form of exercising is easier and perhaps the most pleasurable.  It allows you to stay outdoors and be active at the same time.  You can play a game of basketball or tag, or simply go for a walk with your grandchildren.  Either way, you will create a million memories along the way.

In summary, outdoor activities can be great for your mind and body.  There are various easy ways in which you can participate in them.