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Be the Perfect Summer BBQ Host


Senior apartments in Kansas City KS


Summer is on its last legs, but it’s never too late to enjoy grilling in the open. Whether you’re in one of the Retirement communities in Warsaw Town, NY or those in senior apartments in Kansas City, KS, we can all agree that it is a great way to not only get full but also have some company over and socialize. However, one has to be mindful that those hamburgers and bratwursts will not make one’s cholesterol go up.


Dietary restrictions and flavor are the top two things that should be considered when choosing what to serve for a BBQ cookout. The best meats to use are those that are easy to chew or tender, such as short pork ribs. Some seniors are wearing dentures or may have weakened jaws that will prevent them from enjoying the food you have. If one of your guests is on a low-sodium diet, reduce the salt on the barbeque marinade. There are a variety of options to choose from your local grocery store nowadays, like the Bernard Low barbeque sauce.


However, if you’re one to always go for the extra mile and wants to make everything from scratch, the internet has plenty of recipes for you. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re in one of the 55+ Apartments in Des Moines, IA or in the middle of nowhere, you will find a recipe to make almost anything from scratch and have ingredients be delivered to you through Amazon or Walmart. Another consideration is for those on a low-fat diet. As a host, you can offer low-fat dressings if you’re serving salads. Going low-fat doesn’t removing richness away from foods, you can always compensate by adding more flavour and herbs. Cholesterol is another thing seniors keep an eye when eating out when going for barbeque events. Offering alternatives to beefy burgers like turkey burgers and maple beans might just do the trick. Seafood is also a very popular option and may offer higher health benefits. Fish is rich in omega-3, and may help reduce the possibility of dementia or Alzheimer’s among other cognitive diseases. While most think of meat when barbeques are talked about, as a host, you can also incorporate high fiber foods such as corn on cobs (but careful with the dentures!) and vegetable kabobs are some options. Not only are they nutritious, but they also add variety to a meal full of meat.


Barbeques are synonymous with heat, so expect people to look for margaritas, sodas, and beers. Unfortunately, seniors’ ability to regulate temperature and recognize dehydration is not as good as it once had been so offer fruit-infused waters, lemonades, or smoothies instead. Just watch out for the amount of sugar you add!


Any good host knows that the way to end a hearty savoury meal is with something sweet, and that the best way to have for desserts in the summer are fruits. The best part about having fruits for a summer BBQ is them being in season! Aside from helping satisfy your guests sweet tooth, you’re also helping them get their daily dose of vitamins and fiber. But if you must insist that summer barbeques are not complete without ice cream--for which I cannot blame you--try to incorporate fruits into their ice cream sundaes.


Just remember, indulge in moderation!