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55+ Independent Living Resources 

Things To Consider:
It is important when making a decision like this to go through a process.  Here are some questions to help you learn more:
  • What Should I Consider When Researching A Place To Live? 
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  • What Is Independent Senior Living, And Is It Right For Me? 
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  • What Do Our Residents Think? 
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In addition--To keep you aware of some news & trends, we are constantly adding relevant content from various publications & thought leaders: 
Wellness: The Importance of Exercise At Every
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Back To Work At 50+-AARP
Back to work at 50+? Here are some training & resources via AARP. 
Grandparents and Kids Connecting Through Physical
Let's look at how grandparents can meet their physical activity needs while helping the little ones get the activity they need, too.
7 Scams To Watch Out For This Holiday Season-AARP
Don't let scammers ruin your holidays.
These 4 Mistakes Will Wreck Your Retirement-The Motley Fool
Want a financially stable retirement? Avoid these moves at all costs.

Council on Aging Senior Games provide exercise, social outlet-The Times & Democrat
Keys to Longevity-Where You Live Matters
Inheriting good genes can help, but genetics is often only a component of how you live.  Lifestyle and environment have a major impact on longevity, and you can take control.
Get Ready for Flu Season-A Place For Mom
The weather is turning, which means flu season is fast approaching- and it looks like the 2017-2018 flu season could turn out to be a doozy for seniors
3 Mistakes You're Likely to Make After Retiring- Motley Fool
Don't let these blunders zap your retirement bliss. Learn how to avoid them instead.
Wellness for the Family: Safe Senior Exercies- 9&10 News (Cadillac, Michigan)
Why Dog Walking Makes Exericise Effortless For Seniors- Reader's Digest
This is the super-fun way to make exercise effortless as you get older.
What is "active ageing"?- World Health Organization
Active ageing is the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality life as people age.  It applies to both individuals and population groups. 
Boost Your Retirement Income With These 10 Tips-
You may be surprised by some of these ways to increase your retirement income and your future financial security. Some are quite powerful.
Gym-going seniors are benefitting from more than exercise- Chicago Tribune
10 Things Not to Do When You Retire-
99 Great Ways To Save- AARP
Our eighth annual roundup of clever money-saving ideas offers ways to cut costs in all areas of your life, including travel, entertainment, shopping, technology, utilities, insurance, dining, medicine and banking.
Exercise Your Green Thumb In Your Retirement- A Place For Mom
Think a move into a retirement community means giving up your green thumb? Think again:
Protecting yourself and loved ones from elder financial abuse- CNBC
Elder financial abuse is quickly becoming the crime of the 21st century.
Boxing "Therapy" Workout On Wednesday Mornings?- Calamar
If you're looking to try a new exercise program to improve your health, balance, coordination, and more, boxing may be a great activity to try
How to enjoy a more worry-free retirement- CNN Money
Fitness:  Yoga class keeps seniors balanced, flexible as they age- NWI Times
Combination exercises beneficial for seniors- Bel Marra Health
Working out can be a challenge, especially as we get older.  Weak muscles and fear of injury tend to get in the way of exercise.
Why Seniors Prefer Independent Living Communities- All About SENIORS, Inc. (
Independent living is aimed at older adults who need little to no assistance with activities of daily living.   Here, housing varies from freestanding homes to apartment-style living.  Most seniors say they actually enjoy their new community as compared to living in their own home.
Here are 4 reasons why seniors prefer independent living communities:  
14 Great Financial Planning Tools- A Place For Mom
Having an idea of the amount you need to save is the first step to planning for retirement, and as the Employee Confidence Survey, found, online financial planning tools can be tremendously helpful.  Here are some of the most useful tools that can help you understand and take control of your finances:  
Exercise May Prevent Damage to Middle-Aged, Senior Hearts, Study Says- United Press International (
Exercise can reduce the risk of heart damage in middle-aged adults and seniors-- even those who are obese, according to a new study.  
Retirement Planning Explained Backwards- The Retirement Cafe
5 ways senior living communities are evolving to attract active baby boomers- McKnight's Senior Living  
Living A Black Belt Life-
For some, turning 55 may seem like the beginning of a downhill slope, but for the multi-talented Gerry Hennessey it was an exciting turning point.  
4 Proven Ways to Boost Your Retirement Income- Fox Business
Countless seniors struggle financially in retirement. If you're looking for a few surefire ways to increase your retirement income, here are four moves you can make.
Our Aging Population Can Be An Economic Powerhouse-- If We Let It- Fast Company
By 2050, the number of people over 65 will more than double. Cities, communities, companies--and our entire culture--have some adjusting to do. If we can, the benefits will be enormous.
Why Seniors Prefer Senior Living Communities- A Place For Mom
8 Reasons Why Many Seniors Prefer Senior Living Communities
How To Improve Your Readiness For Retirement- USA Today
Saving for retirement isn't easy...
Here's The Most Popular Strategy For Boosting Your Odds Of A Secure Retirement- Investor's Business Daily
Ninety Percent of adults name this old-fashioned step way to improve their prospects for a comfortable and secure retirement:
Stay Active While Aging-
Fitness makes seniors' lives healthier and happier.  Here are some great suggestions:
Bonding With Your Grandchildren-
Bonding with your grandchildren is rewarding. Here are some simple ideas to help:
5 Facts About Your 401k Every Retiree Should Know- The Motley Fool
When you retire, your 401k will probably be a major income source. Make sure you know these facts because ignorance could cost you money or leave you short of your income goals.
Advice from financial advisers on living on a post-work budget- Spokane Journal of Business
10 Tips To Become Or Remain Healthy- International Council On Active Aging
The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), the professional association that leads, connects and defines the active-aging industry, searches health-and-wellness research studies every year to find the most relevant to adults ages 50-plus. This year ICAA has sorted through these studies to compile a list of tips that governments, communities, businesses, families and individuals can use to encourage older adults to achieve a healthy lifestyle:
Cancer Screening Timeline For Boomers and SeniorsA Place For Mom
Cancer is a diagnosis no one wants to receive.  It affects people of all ages, but seniors are especially at risk as the body ages and life-ware can take a toll.  Learn more about recommended cancer screening timelines to help ensure you and your loved ones prevent the deadly disease.
Brain-Stimulating Activities May Keep Seniors SharpLive Science
Elderly adults who use a computer or engage in other brain-stimulating activities may reduce their risk of developing memory and thinking problems later in life, a new study suggests.
15 Ways To Travel In Retirement on a Fixed BudgetU.S. News & World Report
Even those of modest means can see the world in retirement. Here's how to make it happen.
Low-Impact Sports For SeniorsA Place For Mom
As baby boomers retire and move into senior living, many communities are providing access to low-impact sports so that everyone can enjoy the health and social benefits that being part of a team provides.
Are You Too Old To Start Exercising?A Place For Mom
The face is you're never too old to start exercising. 
Five Benefits of Independent
Five benefits of living at an independent living community. 
10 Best Things About Growing Old- A Place For Mom
Here's a list of 10 great aspects of aging - from the financial perks that come with turning 65, to the personal insights that come with decades of experience: 
Eat Your Way To Brain Health- AARP
How the MIND diet is fighting cognitive decline:
Retirement Basics- Q&AMerrill Lynch
Q: If I retire before I'm eligible for Medicare, how can I replace the health insurance coverage I received from my employer? 
Glossary of Senior Living Terms- A Place For Mom
Some helpful definitions of terms relating to senior living.