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Maintenance Quality Control Supervisor

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The (Traveling) Maintenance QC (MQC) is a supervisory position with the prime responsibility of ensuring that the senior housing portfolio of physical assets: the building, its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as the grounds are at their highest operational performance level.

Key Performance Indicators for this position are: i) Personnel Management, ii) Budgeting Operations, and iii) Project Management. Success will come with the solid Work Ethic coupled with a Customer Service attitude.

75% of the MQC’s activities will be performed on one of the 20 Communities in 11 states in the Northeast, or Midwest. Working on location will involve traveling by plane and car. In order to achieve each building’s peak operational performance, the MQC will have direct supervision of each Communities Maintenance Technicians, and work closely with the Director of Senior Housing and the Community Managers to ensure that maintenance benchmarks are met and a high level of Customer Service is sustained.

Calamar physical and aesthetic property standards must be maintained continually and uniformly throughout the portfolio. In order to do this, a strategic management plan must be in approved three months prior to the end of fiscal period to ensure that budgetary comments are in place to meet the required resource commitment. NOI – Net Operating Income must be central to all management decisions. Calamar is operating a National business that involves many stake holders, Owners, Investors and Employees with share capital – It’s a business and functionality is the driver, not personal sentiments.

The MQC will be required to utilize appropriate and effective long-distance management strategies that provide continual and uninterrupted oversight for each the Maintenance Technicians. Strategies for capital improvement and performance refinement will be developed alongside the VP of Facilities and the Director of Senior Housing to ensure there is one Global Vision on the Goals and Plan to achieve them. SOP implementation will require working hand in hand with the each of the RM Community Managers focused on one objective – Property Performance.

The senior housing communities must always be represented well; and therefore, their physical condition, and that all mechanical and plumbing systems must be fully operational at all times. These components must be managed through a preventative maintenance program designed to keep control unexpected operational costs, while keeping the property aesthetically appealing.

Job Type: Full-time